Mentor College has an excellent group of professional educators who are committed not only to teaching their students in their specific subject area, but who are here to see their students achieve academic success! Since the school's founding in 1982, Mentor has sought teachers who are willing to put in the extra time necessary during their lunch hour or after school to help their students achieve academic success. All teachers are available for extra help at different times throughout the day. 

Beyond The Classroom

Outside of the classroom, Mentor teachers are actively involved with students in extracurricular activities. Beginning in JK, Mentor teachers support their students' involvement in sports teams, music ensembles, drama productions, academic clubs, lunch-time & after-school clubs, local field trips, international travel (HS), school-wide events (Culture Show, Charity Fashion Show). Mentor teachers willingly offer their support, guidance, expertise, and above all, their time as their students develop into well-rounded young people.

Monthly Phone Call To Parents

Parents of Mentor students receive a telephone call from their child’s homeroom teacher on a monthly basis. This begins in JK and continues through to Grade 12. In this telephone call, the teacher reports on the child’s progress, grades, personal growth, and extracurricular involvement. Teachers and parents both look forward to the monthly phone call as it provides an opportunity to strengthen communication between teacher, parent, and student.

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