Summer School Programmes

Mentor College Elementary Summer School 

The Elementary Summer School Programme runs for four weeks (usually starting the first week of July). Math and English courses are offered from Grades 1 to 8. Students in this programme enrol for a variety of reasons. They may be new Mentor students trying to upgrade their skills to the Mentor standard, current students getting a refresher on the concepts taught the year before, or students without Mentor College affiliation who want an excellent quality summer programme to help them get ahead and progress at their own school.

Mentor College Summer High School Summer Programme 

The HS Summer Progamme is a Ministry of Education-accredited programme that offers Ontario high school credit courses. Current students find the Summer High School to be an excellent vehicle for fast-tracking or just freeing up more time for the end of their high school careers. Students coming from other schools often enroll to get an idea of the Mentor College High School system and to meet a few of their prospective classmates before the first day in September.

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