Technology is just one of many tools that teachers at Mentor College use every day to guide our students to success. The ability for our students and teachers to use digital tools will continue to increase in importance with every passing year. 

The Right Tool For The Right Job

Technology does not replace teaching, rather it augments it. We have an exceptional group of educators who invest their time and efforts into helping our students become the exceptional young adults they all have the potential to be. We believe that the thoughtful, meaningful, and appropriate use of technology in our classrooms will ensure your child reaches his or her full potential.

Measured & Purposeful

Our approach to educational technology is measured and purposeful. We provide modern computers for use where a traditional computer lab environment is the best way to support what our students are learning. We also have a large contingent of iPads and laptops that are brought into the classroom for student use under the direct supervision and guidance of the subject teacher. This ensures that our students have access to the necessary digital tools required to thrive in a digital world without the inevitable distractions that would result from being constantly connected to the Internet on a personal device.


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