Admission to Mentor College

Mentor College endeavours to admit students of extraordinary academic, creative, and intuitive talent who show an aptitude for learning and leadership. Students of Mentor College are continually encouraged to contribute to the community experience from which they so readily benefit.

We invite prospective students and parents to experience the Mentor College education atmosphere. It is our pleasure to show you our campus and introduce you to the Mentor College method. If you have any questions related to tuition, transportation, uniforms, international student admissions, or anything else, please contact us.

What Do People Say About Mentor?

Chris Hadfield:

“You guys are so lucky to have this place as an education. It’s one of the best places at your age to go the school – on the whole planet. You have a huge advantage over almost every other kid your age.

Craig Kielburger:

“This is an extraordinary school...not only in the opportunities, the class sizes, but this is an extraordinary school because of its commitment to social justice, its commitment to student leadership, its commitment to empowering the students here, and students talking those opportunities to create an amazing impact here in Canada on some incredibly important causes, but also around the world on causes like clean water, health care, empowering kids to escape a cycle of poverty and to have a chance to receive an education that we so often take for granted back here at home.

Parent of Mentor Student:

"From our initial visit, the administrative staff was extremely welcoming and helpful in the enrolment process. They are always available to answer any questions or concerns that we have and are very approachable and accessible. All of the staff, including the administration went out of their way to ensure that my daughter felt welcomed which made her transition into high school so much easier."

Mentor Alumnus:

"As an English student at Western University, I find that the high standards instilled in me from my years at Mentor have resulted in higher quality work and a true love of learning that has enhanced my university experience. Between its exceptional teachers, extensive extracurricular offerings, and experiential learning opportunities, I can’t say enough good things about this place!"

Mentor Alumnus:

"The main thing that made Mentor stand out to me, however, was what I realized upon graduating and attending university. I quickly noticed that I was much more prepared than my peers for the increased work load and was much better positioned to succeed."

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