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Admission to the Primary Division (JK-Grade 4)

The Mentor College Primary Division accepts students entering JK-Grade 4. All prospective students who are applying for Junior Kindergarten - Grade 4 visit the Primary Campus for a half-day assessment. Assessments are completed at our Primary Campus site.

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Admission to the Primary Division (JK-Grade 4)

Open House/School Tour

The school holds open house events during the school year. If the dates are not suitable, an tour can be arranged. While not mandatory, parents find that attending one of our open houses can answer a lot of questions. While visiting the school, you also have the opportunity to take a tour of the campus.

Report Card, Confidential School Report, and Assessment Fee

Parents are asked to complete our Assessment Request Forms and Parent Questionnaire. We also ask parents for a copy of most recent report cards (if available from current programme) and the assessment fee of $150. Finally, parents submit the Confidential School Report to the current school (to be emailed back to us by the assessment morning if possible).

Assessment Day 

Junior Kindergarten-Grade 1:

Applicants for JK, SK, and Grade 1 will participate in a 2-hour assessment visit similar in nature to a Kindergarten morning.  Please provide a snack (no nut products). Students will be with other visitors of a similar age.

Grades 2-4:

Applicants for Grades 2-4 will visit for 2.5 hours. For the first 1.5 hours, the applicant will visit a classroom, complete some grade-level work with the class, and have recess outdoors (weather permitting) with a Mentor buddy. Please send a recess snack (no nut products) and appropriate outdoor clothing.

For the last hour of the morning visit, the applicant will complete some assessment materials with other visitors of a similar age in our assessment room.

Follow-up Meeting

The principal or vice-principal will communicate with the parents following the applicant's assessment visit. At this time, parents will receive information about our observations, recommendations, and admission decisions. Successful applicants will be provided with a Registration Form following this interview if we are in receipt of all necessary documentation (eg. Report cards, Confidential School Report).

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