Culture Show

Students from all divisions of Mentor and TEAM join together in one of the schools’ largest school-wide events! The double gym at the Main Campus transforms into a multicultural extravaganza – including music, dance, food, and celebration! Led by the students in the high school division, all students in the school partake in the event, either as performers, pavilion guides, executive members, or visitors.

Watch the promo video!

The event started in 2004 with twelve countries sharing their cultures and traditions with students, teachers, and parents. In the following years, the show quickly gained popularity with students – so much that the event now regularly features over 40 pavilions – with three spectacular concerts taking place throughout the day.

What makes the Celebration of Cultural Diversity so special is that it is entirely student-run. Of course, staff support is ever-present, but when it comes to scheduling, logistics, concerts, and everything else, it is all up to the student organizing committee!

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