Intermediate Experience

These are the extracurricular activities offered in the Intermediate Division.

School Teams

Basketball, Cross-Country Running, Floor Hockey, Football, LEGO Robotics, Orienteering, Soccer, Softball, Swimming, Track & Field, Ultimate Frisbee, Volleyball

Athletic Clubs

Cross-Country Skiing, Intramurals, Running Club, Football, Rugby


Bollywood Club, Choirs, Drama Club, Guitar Club, Drama/Improv Club, Intermediate Band, Jazz Band, School Musical, Dance Club, Bucket Drumming Club

Academic Clubs

Mathematics Contests, Gauss Contest, Mission Cognition, Classical Studies Club, Speak Out


Art Club, Arts & Crafts Club, Cooking Club, Photography Club, Sewing & Costume Club, Seasonal Craft Club, Creative Writing Club, LEGO Robotics Club, Maker Space


Environment Club, Grade 8 Initiative, Leaders For Change, Light Club, Red Cross Babysitting, Red Cross Home Alone Course, Student Parliament

School Publications

Intermediate Ink, Yearbook

Fun & Games

Recreation, Board Games Club, Book Club, Chess Club, “The Walking Read”, Minecraft Club, Old Movies Club

Special Events

Culture Show, Fashion Show, Musical, Talent Show, Festival of the Arts, Tech Crew, Holiday Assembly

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