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Primary Experience

These are the extracurricular activities offerred in the Primary Division.

Sports Teams

Floor Hockey, Track and Field, Swimming, Basketball, Soccer, Cross-Country

Sports Clubs

Volleyball Club, Yoga Club, Intramurals, Juggling Club, T-Ball, Soccer Baseball, MBL (Mentor Basketball League), MCL (Mentor Cricket League), MFL (Mentor Football League), MHL (Mentor Hockey League), MSL (Mentor Soccer League), Cross-Fit Club, Running Club, Synchro Swim Club

Performance (audition)

Choir, School Musical, School Musical - Dance, Fashion Show, Culture Show, Jump Rope Demo Team, Pit Band

Performance (no audition)

Singing Club, Boys’ Hip Hop, Dance Club, Drama Club, Rhythm Club, Recorder Club, Bollywood Dance Club, Bucket Drumming Club


Spelling Bee, Trivial Pursuit, Science Club, LEGO Robotics, Math Games, STEM Club, French Club, Outer Space Club


Card Games Club, Checkers Club, Chess Club, Dominoes Club, Pioneer Games, Mandarin Club, LEGO-Building Club, French Games, Hula-Hoop Club


Paper Airplane Making, Origami Club, Painting Club, Jewellery Making Club, Art Club, Baking Club, Computer Game Maker, Set & Prop Design, Card-Making Club


CIT (Coach in Training), Business Club, Girls' Club, Environment Club

Extra Cost

Karate, Swimming Lessons

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