Introduction to the HS Division

In this section, parents and students with information on the academic and extracurricular programmes offered through the High School Division of Mentor College. You will find descriptions of our school organization, courses, the credit system and the Ontario Secondary School Diploma.

Promotion Policy:

Promotion of a student at the end of each year will be determined by the Promotion Committee. Under normal circumstances, for a student to be promoted and continue in the High School Program, the students must:

a) achieve a 65% average for all subjects each year, and

b) achieve a 60% in each English course offered in the program

c) repeat any prerequisite course with a grade below a 60% pass, or 70% if the course is taken in night school or summer school.

The primary objective of this policy is to maintain high academic standards at Mentor College to prepare students properly for admission into a variety of post-secondary educational institutions.


Some courses require students to have passed another course at a lower level as required by the Ontario Ministry of Education. A parent or adult student may request that a prerequisite be waived and the Principal makes the decision in consultation with the parent, student and appropriate school staff.

Evaluation of Student Achievement:

Evaluation is based on a combination of class work, regular class tests and examinations. The final evaluation for all courses comprises 30% of the final grade. The remaining 70% is for course work.

Course Changes:

All course changes must be completed within the first week of school. Parental permission will be required. As well, the change is subject to approval by the School Principal and will only be permitted if there is adequate space in the course requested.

Substitutions for Compulsory Courses:

The Principal may replace up to three compulsory courses with courses from the reminder of those that meet the compulsory credit requirements. The decision to make a substitution for a student should only be made if the student’s educational interests are best served by such substitution. A parent or adult student must make a request in writing to the Principal who will make the final decision. Substitutions are noted on the Ontario Student Transcript.

Equivalent Credits:

Mentor College has an equivalent credit policy that is based on OSS, Appendix 8, and page 77 for students transferring from out of province to Mentor College. This policy allows the Principal to determine the credit equivalency of the student’s previous school. It will then be determined how many credits, including compulsory credits are required to earn the O.S.S.D.

External Music Credits:

Students may receive Ontario credits for work completed in external music programs that are authorized by the Ontario Ministry of Education. Students should see the Principal with certified copies of their practical and theory (rudiments) reports so they can be assessed and transposed onto the Ontario Student Transcript.

Course Withdrawals:

Students carrying courses above the minimum school and O.S.S.D. requirements may withdraw from the course within the first term of school. Parental permission and approval of the School Principal will be required in all such requests. After the second term (five school days following the March report) withdrawal may be granted but the course attempt remains on the student record for students in grade 11 and 12. This is full disclosure.

Course Offerings:

High School courses will be offered each year subject to sufficient enrollment unless otherwise indicated. It is possible that courses will be over-subscribed in which case not every student will be able to obtain his/her first choices. Students requesting special course offerings or individualized timetables should request assistance from guidance services before May of the preceding school year.

Student Transcripts:

As required by the Ministry of Education detailed records of students’ results are kept. Student Transcripts are provided to potential employers, College, Universities or other schools. Full disclosure of all course attempts, including course failures in grade 11 and 12 is made on all Ontario Student Transcripts.

Academic Honours Awards:

Students in the High School Division of Mentor College are encouraged to work at their maximum academic potential throughout the school year. To assist students in attaining their goal, the school offers the Mentor College Honours Award. This special award is received by students who attain an 80% average in the subjects studied throughout the year. Students who attain an 90% average in the subjects studied throughout the year are awarded Mentor College Honours with Distinction Award.

Subject Achievement Awards:

For each subject in the High School Program, one student will be selected by staff at the end of the year who has shown initiative and co-operation and who has excelled academically in the course. This special award, along with others, will be presented at the annual awards and graduation ceremonies each year.

Extracurricular Program:

Students at Mentor College are encouraged to participate in the Extracurricular Program. Students are offered a variety of activities which may be undertaken to pursue activities not taken in the regular academic curriculum. All the program offerings will be given subject to sufficient interest and enrollment.

Guidance Services:

Guidance Services are available to students at Mentor College to assist them in developing appropriate educational plans and career alternatives. Students will be consulted on a regular basis by counselors and are encouraged to use the service as they feel necessary.

Reporting Student Progress – The Ontario Student Record (OSR):

Parents are phoned by homeroom teachers in September, October, November, January, February, April and May. Grades and comments from subject teachers are given at these times. Formal written cards are distributed to parents in December, March and June. Copies of the report are retained in the Ontario Student Record (OSR) folder. Parents can request access to the OSR through the Principal or Vice Principal.

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