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High School Division (Grades 9-12)

The transition to the High School programme features a move towards greater independence of learning. Communicating with parents is essential in helping students maintain good study habits as social and personal pressures become more significant.

The High School programme is structured as a full-year study session to provide students with a more thorough understanding of material. The non-semestered approach has resulted in preparing students well for the rigours of university programmes. All courses are taught by subject specialists, and are offered only at the academic, university-stream level. Classes are kept small so students can receive individual help from their teachers. Students can choose from a wide variety of course selections.

Mentor College stays in touch with both its alumni and leading universities to be certain our programme is preparing our students properly. 98% of our students are accepted by universities of their first choice!

Frequently Asked Questions

What courses are offered to Mentor students in the High School Division
Download the current course calendar.

Where do Mentor graduates attend university?
Most Mentor High School graduates attend the university of their first choice. Find out where our graduates attend university!

Does the school provide students and parents with any opportunities to meet with representatives from prospective universities?
Every year, Mentor College hosts its own University Fair – which is attended by over 40 universities from across Ontario and Canada.

What extracurricular opportunities does the school offer?
Mentor College prides itself on its rich and vast extracurricular programme. Find out more about our extracurriculars

Do High School students have the opportunity to hear from guest speakers/lecturers?
In recent years, Mentor College has hosted guest speakers such as Dr. David Suzuki, the Rt. Hon. Michaëlle Jean, Peter Mansbridge, and others. Read more about the Mentor College Speaker Series.

Does the school offer any AP (Advanced Placement) courses?
Mentor College offers AP preparation courses in several different subject areas. Find out more about the programme.

Can students earn credits away from Mentor College?
Yes, however there are guidelines that must be followed.

Can you tell me about the school’s policy on course changes or its promotion policy?
These, and other policies pertaining to the High School Division are outlined here.

Mentor College High School Division Profile

High School Staff

Mentor College hires only qualified teachers with a high school subject specialty and a warm and sensitive attitude towards students. Our teachers are dedicated to the academic success of their students and are enthusiastically involved with the school's extracurricular programme.

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mentor college high school principal
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"Peer influence here is positive…students entering Mentor College are motivated to rise to the challenge in their new academic environment."

David Whyte
Principal - High School Division
M. Ed., University of Toronto

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