ELL Summer School

Mentor College ELL Summer School Program is the Summer School with a difference. While academically challenging, the experienced and trained ELL Summer School programme faculty provide a positive, caring and enjoyable atmosphere in which the students can learn, clearly understand the work and achieve success. Not only is confidence and self-esteem ensured, the students may earn a credit (providing all learning outcomes are met). The Mentor College ELL Summer School builds a strong foundation for future learning, strengthens existing English ability and allows a newcomer to feel at home in a new environment.

Course Descriptions

All new ELL students are asked to write an English Proficiency Test which will help determine which course a student will benefit from most. The MC ELL Summer Program offers integrated speaking, listening, reading and writing.

Introductory English Skills Development for ELL Learners:

This *Non-Credit Course is designed for students who have some or very little previous knowledge of English and focuses on building on existing knowledge of speaking, listening, reading and writing skills. Students will identify and use a variety of literacy skills and strategies to improve reading, writing, and oral communication in everyday contexts. It also emphasizes learning skills and provides strategies that will help new ELL learners gain the necessary skills in order to be prepared and successful in high school. If the school determines that the student’s language proficiency is at grade level, the student may be offered admission to ENG1D in September.

Grade Nine – ENG 1D:

This Advanced English Credit course is designed to develop further competence in the skills of thinking, analysing, and interpreting novels including a Shakespearean play. It focuses on grammar, proper essay writing, vocabulary expansion and self-expression in both oral and written work.

Grade Ten – ENG 2D:

This Advanced English Credit course focuses on grammar, novels, a Shakespearean play and the application of critical thinking skills in reading, discussion and writing. Prerequisite: English Grade Nine (9).

Grade Eleven – ENG 3U:

This Advanced Credit course focuses on novels, a Shakespearean Play, grammar, and the writing of essays. Students are required to enhance and apply their critical thinking and analysing skills to their reading and include these and other literary skills in their writing. Students will be required to write grammatically and syntactically correct essays and to edit work written by ELL Students. Prerequisite: English Grade Ten (10)

Grade 12 – OLC40:

Grade 12 Ontario Secondary School Literacy Course: This course is designed to help students acquire and demonstrate the cross-curricular literacy skills that are evaluated by the Ontario Secondary School Literacy Test (OSSLT). Students who complete the course successfully will meet the provincial literacy requirement for graduation. Students will read a variety of informational, narrative, and graphic texts and will produce a variety of forms of writing, including summaries, information paragraphs, opinion pieces, and news reports. Students will also maintain and manage a portfolio containing a record of their reading experiences and samples of their writing. Eligibility requirement: Students who have been eligible to write the OSSLT at least twice and who have been unsuccessful at least once are eligible to take the course. (Students who have already met the literacy requirement for graduation may be eligible to take the course under special circumstances, at the discretion of the principal.)

Dates & Times

All classes begin on Monday June 27, 2022 and run every weekday (with the exception of the Canada Day holiday Friday July 1) until Friday July 29, 2022 (the final examination day). The programme hours run from 9:00 to 1:45.


The classes will be held at Mentor College, 40 Forest Avenue, Mississauga, Ontario


Mr. Ian Carruthers, Director

Telephone: 905-271-3393

Email: icarruthers@mentorcollege.edu


The tuition fee for the five-week course is $1650.00
The tuition fee for the three-week non-credit course $990.00
To ensure registration, please register early due to anticipated enrollment

Download the registration package.

*Please note that registration forms must be filled out with proper local address in order to mail final reports and that the applicant’s birthday must also be correct in order to issue the student an Ontario Education Number (OEN) which is essential for future studies.

Please make cheques payable to MC ELL Summer Program -OR- etransfer to igcarruthers@rogers.com

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